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Timetable (The Scheduler)  
The scheduler is the best tool to manage the time management system of particular school, colleges and institutes. It was very difficult task to schedule the Time Table of any organization but need not to worry! Now the school timetabling is easy and you can schedule your school timetable on just single click. The Scheduler avoids clashes between tutors, classes and rooms. You need not spend hours together in scheduling and optimizing manpower and resources. The Scheduler will fully optimize resources as you allocate them. For all this you only need to enter some piece of basic data which includes information regarding teachers, class, subject, school week duration, time duration of lecture, etc. According to data you have entered you get Time Table, further if you want to modify it you can or if you liked it you can print it.
Key Features of Scheduler  
  • The Scheduler is Systematic, easy to Understand, Use and Implement
  • Suitable for Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary, or Senior Secondary classes
  • No more possibility of Teacher Clashing / Overlapping issues
  • Provision to have multiple Teachers for a subject in a period
  • Plan multiple optional subjects in the same period
  • Takes care of Teacher’s break or free period need
  • Does not allow a teacher to be allocated more than pre-defined periods/week
  • Provision to combine classes across Streams / Sections for common
  • Optional / Standard subjects
  • On-line Substitution and print substituted current Time Table for a day
  • Substitution Historian provides information on past substitutions
  • Generate complete Time Table with just with a Click of Mouse / ThinkPad
  • One to one automatic Faculty Replacement
  • Possible to define different No. of periods for different Classes / Sections
  • No limit on No. of Teachers or Subjects
  • Generate Different Time Tables and save as documents
  • Affordable with no AMC or Annual Charges
  • Generates Error Free Time Table
  • Paperless Working
  • Simple to use and Maintenance Free

Some of the Printable Reports

  • Class Time Table
  • Teacher’s Time Table
  • Weekly Teacher’s Time Table
  • Weekly Class Time Table
  • Substitution Report
  • Faculty Occupancy Chart
  • Class Teacher Report
  • Free Period Report
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