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Registration & Admission Module  
This Module is helpful for the School staff Team to keep track of all students of the School or any Institute so it becomes easy to figure out any detail of any particular student. This module is developed to easier the work of School staff Team so that they can switch from excel sheets to powerful software and can be easily maintained the historian record of the Students. It is very easy to use as well as easy to maintain the information. The module manages the registration and admission process of both new and the old students in a particular School or Institute. Fully integrated with the accounts section, this module allows registration and admission manageable and overcome the complications arising from human errors.
  Key Features of Registration & Admission
  • This module is Systematic, easy to Understand, Use and Implement
  • Suitable for all level of classes.
  • Decide the methodology for Admission (Admission will be with Registration or without Registration)
  • Possible to set the prefix as well as the start no. for Registration, Admission or A/C No.
  • Add categories, cities, documents (which will helpful for student registration and Admission)
  • Add classes with possible stream/branch and sections.
  • No Limits on allocation of classes and branches.
  • Can allocate multiple branches or streams for classes.
  • Allocate or re-allocate no. of students for any class on basis of its stream and section.
  • Have option to rename the sections. (you can rename a individual section, all sections in class, or in all classes)
  • You can update or delete (only if not in use in another forms) records from any form.
  • You can Save or Save As data any time in txt format.
  • You can open any saved txt file.
  • You can enter data in Punjabi also (optional).
  • Paperless Working
  • Simple to use and Maintenance Free

Some of the Printable Reports

  • List of all students.
  • List of students with class, stream, section, gender or category wise.
  • List of students with new registration.
  • List of Admitted students.
  • List of students with personal details.
  • List of students with contact details.
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