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Library Management  
The Library Management System is designed & developed for a receipt and issuance of books in the library along with the student’s details. The books received in the library are entered in Books Entry form and the new student is entered in the student entry form. When the student wants to get the desired book the same is issued on the availability basis to the student. The issuance and due date for the returning of the book is also entered into the Book Issue form under third menu Book Issue. The student has to pay the fine if any on the basis of no. of days delayed deposit of the book in the library.

The Books and Students are given a particular unique id no. So that they can be accessed correctly and without errors. Our main aim of the project is to get the correct information about a particular student and books available in the library.

It is a comprehensive library management solution that is suitable for both large and small libraries.
Key Features of Library Management:   Some of the Printable Reports
  • This module is Systematic, easy to Understand, Use and Implement
  • Suitable for all Schools or Institutes.
  • Authenticate the user.
  • You can define a number of things that one wants to keep track of.
  • One can maintain historian record for different kinds of media like Books, File and Documents.
  • One can maintain media with its own specifications rather than common.
  • You can define fine for late fee.
  • Define amount of books per student.
  • List of all books.
  • List of books which are issued. (with student detail)
  • List of books which are available.
  • List of missing books.
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