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Fee Collection  
This Module Is Created mainly to Speedup & Atomize The Work Of Fee Collection And Receipt Generation With The Aim To Minimize The Human Error Which Occurs Mainly At Receipt Counter. This module is very flexible and easy to use

Some Key Features:  
  • Manage fees institution wise and academic year wise.
  • Able to add, modify and delete fee type at any time.
  • Define fee structure standard wise.
  • Fee head allocation.
  • Automatic fine calculation.
  • Customized fine structure.
  • Receipt Printing.
  • Fee head entry.
  • Fees concession entry. (Entry can be in % or amount)
  • Fine entry. (You can allocate different fine to different classes on daily, weekly or monthly bases)
  • Define fine starting date. (You can define different dates to different classes)
  • Fee can be deposit monthly, quarterly, half yearly, or annually.
  • Detailed fees collection, can see all the past transaction.
Some of the Printable Reports  
  • List of all students with their historian fee record.
  • List of students with class, stream, section, gender or category wise.
  • List of students with outstanding fee.
  • List of students with fully paid fee.
  • List of students with or without concession.
  • List of students with or without fine.
  • Get the complete historian fee record of single student.
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