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Home Guard System  
We always care about our Homes and Near & Dear Ones most, and we are worried the most when we are away from them. The Home Guard System keeps you always informed on your mobile in case of any unexpected entry to your house or in case there is an emergency at home. The home Guard is not just a Security System but also controls your home lights and other electrical Gadgets as and when you require and that too from anywhere. You can control through a Touch Screen provided on the system or from your Mobile Phone. Now you can Control your home Electrical Gadgets & Lights while you are Mobile. You can even program ON/OFF Timings of your gadgets from a 7” Color Touch Screen. The Home Guard System not just saves your Effort and Secures your Home but also helps you save money on your Electrical bills by programming On/OFF Time for your high powered electric items like Geysers and Power lights. 
Main Features
  • Home Intrusion Alarm on Your Mobile Phone
  • Program your Geysers and save on Power Bills
  • Control your Electrical Gadgets from Mobile
  • Parental Safety through Emergency Alarm on Your Mobile
  • Custom Design to your Specific Requirement
  • Proven Solution.
How does it Work?

The system takes inputs from sensors installed at different locations as per your need. The sensors detect intrusion and communicate same to the Controller which in turn communicates on the registered mobile No. You will have one of your mobiles as registered Mobile No. while you can have additional mobiles for getting SMS. Our installation experts will install system at your home with utmost care. The system shall be made fully operational as per your requirement. The functionality shall be demonstrated to you by our experts. You can contact any of our support Numbers to get any feedback. The system carries one year warranty against any manufacturing defects and our support team is always available to you during working hours (9AM to 6PM) on all working days.

Registered Mobiles : 1
Additional Mobiles for getting message : 1 (Up to 3 on request)
Emergency Message : 1
Intruder Siren : On request
Intrusion Sensors : 1 (Up to 10 on request)

Control from Mobile

No. of Lights : 1 (Up to 4 on request)
No. of Electrical Gadgets : 1 (Up to 4 on request)