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Bar Code System (BCS) for Molded Parts :  
The Automobile Rubber Parts Molding Industry has a unique problem. The Compound is manufactured in Mixers and then reels are made for carrying these to Molding machines. The reels are generally marked with codes for identification. The markings are then read by operators on the shop floor for identifying suitable compound for making parts on molding machines. The system works generally OK but then human errors do take place. Wrong compound is picked up for making of Molded parts which causes Rejection, if identified or reputation loss when ever problem is identified.

BCS works well to eliminate such a problem and takes away every possibility of bad part manufacturing. The system does not allow molding machine to run in case there is a mismatch between Mold and Compound. It works trouble free while it provides additional information on Machine Utilization. It is also possible to get all information on web so as to have access while you are away from plant.
You get following:
  • Bar Code Label Generation at Compound Manufacturing Stage.
  • Unique Identification code for Every Manufacturing Batch.
  • The molding machine runs only in case suitable compound for the part is fed to the machine.
  • Helps Avoid Customer Penalties and Rejections due to Wrong Compound Usage.
  • Zero Rejections due to Wrong Compound.
  • Fool Proof System for Tracking.
  • Information on Machine Utilization (OEE).
  • Machine Down Time Information.
  • Rejection Detail.
  • Expired Compound Detection.
  • Exhaustive Reporting System.
  • Proven Solution.